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Advance happy birthday wishes for best friend quotes

by Ortwin Brauer
happy birthday wishes

Happy birthday wishes


happy birthday wishes

Birthday wishes are very special. You should avoid using classic phrases so that the birthday boy or girl doesn’t forget your message on that day. Instead, opt for a beautiful birthday message that leaves an authentic impression, or get inspired to write your own lines.

Short happy birthday wishes

Like every year, the birthday is just around the corner. As a small child the joy is still great, with age it decreases more and more. The most important thing for children is a big birthday party with lots of presents, for adults it is a meeting with loved ones who have not been seen for a long time. Birthdays should be fun for everyone. During the day everything revolves around the birthday child, no matter what age. Friendly birthday greetings are very meaningful and make a person feel appreciated.

Below are the short birthday greetings for all ages:


Believe in miracles, love and happiness, Always look forward and never back.

Lots of love, health and happiness – take this with you for your new year.

Love, fun and moss – with these wishes there is always something going on!

On your birthday I would like to think of you now,
give you lots of health, happiness and joy.
Not to forget the love too,
like eating a lot of cake.

With colorful confetti and big balloons, we decorate today for you without pardons.

Today it rains gifts, the sun shines, all the bad is gone,
because for you today there is a beautiful rainbow.

Happy Birthday!

With much tam-tam, taraaah and honking I wish you all the best today.

Life has so many sides, be curious and travel through new facets.

Hoppsassa and trallala! The congratulations, they are here!

I wish you 12 months of happiness,
52 weeks of happiness,
365 days full of love,
8,760 hours without stress,
525,600 minutes of happiness and
31.536.000 seconds with your loved ones.

In short: an incomparable year!

happy birthday wishes


Sun, moon and stars, everything is far in the distance. But what I wish is very near: a happy, healthy, new year of life.

May you always have an eye for the sun that falls through your window; and not for the dust that lies on them.

Irish blessing
Wishing you all the best and love on your very special day! Here’s to the birthday boy!

Cake crumbs on the table in droves,
show that there were birthday guests here.
And a card, at the very edge,
on which was written all ‘Happy Birthday’.

Let the sun shine for you, if only from the heart.

Birthdays are days when you decide to finally do everything you’ve wanted to do for a long time – only to end up putting it all off again until next year.

Happy Birthday to you – Today there is no taboo!

Live now, today is your day ! Forget the worries of the past.

So many flowers in the meadow,
so many stars in the firmament,
so wide the universe,
so much happiness in the world
I wish you for your birthday.

Happiness is like a delicious dessert. May life give you more of it than you can ever eat.

Irish blessing
All the best and good luck. You are now getting older bit by bit.

Today on this dear feast day
I wish you the very best!
Happiness, health, long life
may God give you.

Cheerfulness and happiness, love and fun, days without stress and joy without sorrow, that’s what I wish you today and forever.

One year forward, not back, for your birthday I wish good luck.

Short “happy birthday wishes” for WhatsApp

happy birthday wishes

Party atmosphere, glitter rain,
great people, because of you.
You are loved by all today,
because it’s nice that you exist.

Live happy and live so that you are quite carefree, ‘so I wish you last but not least: Happy birthday here and now.

I would like to eat cake today,
but I don’t have the people.
And I need a birthday girl too,
I thought of you so much.

For as long as I’ve known you
as long as I’ve been thinking,
there’s one day every year
that I like very much.
I wish you all the happiness in life for your birthday,
in my heart you will be forever!

Be full of joy, sunshine,
because today you can be everything.
All the best, do not miss anything,
Celebrate much and frolic.

Day in and day out you are hardworking and care for others. Today is YOUR special day, enjoy it and celebrate with your loved ones. Happy birthday!

Do not let yourself change,
don’t tie yourself up in bands,
Be yourself and let yourself be free,
That’s my advice to you today
Be a bird that flies far
and gets gifts now and then
Receive many congratulations
and thinks of the beautiful things.

Much contentment and happiness in life,
that’s what I want to give you today.
I wish you a wonderful holiday
and that you enjoy yourself.

I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday today. May happiness, health and contentment be on your side also in the new year of your life. You deserve it.

I light so many candles for you,
But that’s not all.
The cake underneath is for eating,
For today we celebrate a new year of life

From the cradle to the grave
we celebrate birthday every year.
I would like to take this opportunity to
congratulate you.

Fulfill a wish today,
always stay happy and healthy.
Satisfied also with all what may still come,
that’s what I wish you on your special day.

Short happy birthday greetings for cards, texts, and social media

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